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See why the CW Network called them
"The real-life Winchester brothers"
Madison Wisconsin CW Network Affiliate, 2007


  -The Lake Monster Episode-  
  Trailer for Part 1
~Watch Here~
Released 5/21/15 7pm Central
This trailer follows Noah Voss and Chad Lewis as they cut their way through the back roads of the upper Midwest to the mysterious Lake Pepin, and whatever monsters it may hold in its watery depths. Shot in 1080p HD
  Part 1
~Watch Here~
Premier 8/14/15 7pm Central
Muscle cars, bad-ass music by Tigerman WOAH and monsters!
The early Native Americans warned of a deadly monster inhabiting the waters of Lake Pepin along the Mississippi River.  For the past 150+ years the legend of the beast dubbed Pepie has grown to epic proportions.  With a $50,000 reward being offered for the capture of the creature, two researchers set out to solve the legend of the mysterious sea serpent. 

Shadow Noah and Chad as they trade in the car for a house boat on this adventure.  Catch eyewitness reports of lake monster sightings, ride along on Lake Pepin and watch for your own serpent sighting, stay for the perfectly gritty music and of course the occasional muscle car.

If you want to be programed by polished reality TV showing you nothing but easily monetized and overtly constructed conflict...then keep looking cause this aint it.  Shot in 1080p HD
  Trailer for Part 2
~Watch Here~
Release 8/14/15 7:40pm Central
Watch this trailer released immediately following the premier of part 1 and catch a glimpse of HD underwater video footage taken from Lake Pepin, interviews with first hand eyewitnesses and hints about the conclusion of The Lake Monster episode!  Shot in 1080p HD
  Part 2
~Watch Here~
Premier 8/21/15 7pm Central
More muscle cars, new bad-ass music from 4onthefloor and of course monsters!

During this episode, follow Noah and Chad as they continue their adventure on the Mississippi River mapping out and visiting actual lake monster sighting locations, watch never before seen underwater HD video footage from the monster's lair, finish with a death-defying life-saving rescue mission, rock music and more muscle cars.  Shot in 1080p HD


  -The Wendigo, Bigfoot, Canada Episode-  
  Video 1
~Watch Here~
Released 3/14/14
Catch this 8 minute video as Chad, Noah and Kevin trek their way through the upper Midwest on the heals of a few different mysteries.  Follow along as they get a tour of local bigfoot expert's cast collection, and continue across the northern boarder into Canada to meet up with traditional Native Medicine Men to investigate Wendigo sightings.  Shot in 1080p HD


  -The Van Meter Visitor-  
  Video 1
~Watch Here~
Released 12/6/13 at 7pm Central
Read the book then watch the video or watch the video and then read the book.  Either way, catch a behind-the-curtain glimpse of the research process.  Before the book was written these three authors researched and investigated their way through the mystery surrounding the Van Meter Visitor.

This terrifying case that descended upon Van Meter Iowa is sure to three and ben your perception of reality.  Having garnered much national attention the authors have also grabbed headlines and interviews from around the world in such places as Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain regarding their research into this unexplained case.

Chad, Noah and Kevin find themselves in iconic company with the book's Foreword written by Brad Steiger renowned paranormal researchers since the 1970s and author of more than 170 books.  Shot in 1080p HD


  -Adventures and Misadventures-  
  Video 1
~Watch Here~
Released 9/8/13 at 7pm Central
This 5 minute video mashes up a few adventures we had on the back roads to give our couple followers at that point a dirty window into what we were up to.  Shot in 1080p HD


  Video 1
~Watch Here~
Released 8/13/13 at 7pm Central
Just a quick, under a minute teaser we threw together before we released any longer videos.



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