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Kevin Lee Nelson



'Unconventional' is the best way to describe Kevin Lee Nelson's theories and research methodology.  As an artist and student of Western Esotericism and American folk-magic traditions, Kevin provides a unique perspective enabling him to uncover and decipher symbolic information hidden within various unexplained phenomena.  His fascination with sacred geometry and mystical architecture led him to a degree in Drafting & Design Technology.

Kevin has investigated hauntings on ABC's Scariest Places on Earth, searched for werewolves on Discovery Channel's Mystery Hunters, and tracked vampirism in America on Discovery Channel's Travelers.  He has professionally lectured at conferences across the Midwest for over a decade, and has been a contributing author to a number of books on regional folklore.

Kevin's personal mission is to seek out, record, and preserve our rich heritage of urban legends and modern folklore in order to gain a better understanding of our own personal narratives.  This is further illustrated by Kevin's personal library – one of the largest collections of rare books on regional folklore, metaphysics, and parapsychology in the Upper Midwest.

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