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Author Noah Voss The Real Life Winchester Supernatural Hunter 


Taking his first EVP in 1986 at a purported 'haunted' home may have lead Noah Voss to be best known for advancing the use of scientific equipment during investigations into reports of the paranormal.  Through, he was first in the world to exclusively offer paranormal investigating equipment for sale in a dedicated online 'Ghost Hunter' store.

Noah's authored books on local murder mysteries to that of the global UFO enigma in addition to publishing over 4,000 paranormal pages online dating back to 1997.  Name the 'ghost' show on TV and he's likely turned them down - helping to keep him more infamous than famous.

Outside any four walls, Noah has innumerable hours in international wildernesses. From the soggy rot resulting rain forests of Hawaii and Washington States, the deserts of deadly snake filled California, scorpion attacks in Arizona and questionable characters through Mexico, climbing expeditions to Mt. Rainier following three fatalities that week, active volcano summits such as Mt. St. Helens, down to the crocodile infested everglades of Florida, the truly spooky Smokey Mountains to the East, into midnight rock slides of redwood forests to the west, boundary waters bigfoot attacks to the north and surfing with sharks to the south; have afforded Noah the opportunity to bring a unique perspective to his supernatural journeys.

Following the back roads since the 1990s has taken Noah through ghostly St. Augustine Florida, investigating the mysterious Winchester Mansion in California, going for the gone at The Bennington Black Hole in Vermont, haunted highways in Hawaii, looking for Bessie in Lake Erie, trying to get lost in The Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts, scanning for flying saucers on the summit of Mount St. Helens, werewolves in Wisconsin, ghosts of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, the Historic Bullock Hotel of wild-west Deadwood, the mystery Paulding Lights of Michigan, looking for what went wrong in Salem Massachusetts, prying for Pepie in Lake Pepin on the Mississippi, flying through the Bermuda Triangle, Voodoo in Jamaica, UFOs in Mexico, and searching for Sasquatch in British Columbia.

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