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  You spoke, we listened.  Sure Kevin took it pretty hard, teared up a bit and everything, but we understand the cars may actually be the biggest draw for some of our followers.  So whatever the reason you visit our websites, show up at our lectures, or support us at book signings we think it's pretty damn cool so tune into our videos for whatever reason and frankly we're good with that.  To fully deliver we have put together what has grown into two special pages, perfect for the devout gear-head, plain car enthusiast or those just curious about the rides we have to get down all those troubled back roads to the dark mysteries we explore.  Also, it has come to our attention that there is a TV show on the CW network that has been stealing our life's story.  I know some of our fans that have been supporting us since the 1990s got pretty upset with this show, but it's cool, by all means enjoy their "Supernatural" show because as they say imitation is the truest form of flattery.  Besides we only got around to filming what we've been doing (and doing for decades) and packaging it into Back Roads Lore in the last few years.  

Back Roads Lore Chad Lewis
Back Roads Lore Noah Voss
Back Roads Lore Kevin Nelson

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No Camera Crew No Second Takes Back Roads Lore

CW Supernatural Car Real Life Paranormal Web Series Dodge Challenger

Chad Lewis Real Life Supernatural Web Series Chevrolet Camaro
Dodge Charger CW TV Supernatural Real Life Web Series Spin Off
 Chevy Camaro Supernatural's New Spinoff Back Roads Lore Web Series
Dodge Challenger CW Supernatural Spinoff Real Life Web Series Paranormal Authors

Silver Chevrolet Camaro New Paranormal Web Series Video

Dodge Challenger SE Supernatural Car Spinoff The Real Life Winchester Brother's

Silver Chevy Camaro Supernatural Web Series

Chevy Camaro The Real Winchester Brother's Supernatural Hunters Web Series

Black Dodge Challenger CW TV Supernatural Spin Off Web Series



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